Powerful rock songs about love everyone remembers

Rock singers know how to speak about love. For instance, modern rappers don't know any better than composing explicit lyrics about sex and cheap consumerism feelings, calling women lots of derogatory names. Remember when it all was about the time where songs made people feel something? And not all of them came from the eighties, some are new and famous, others are old and nostalgic. Let's remember them together.

1.Oh love by Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer and the front man of the Green Day band describes his song «Oh love» as «neither pop, nor ballad» composition. He said it is «powerful, but slow».

The song was a little different from the whole album. Some might say it is out of context, because this punk band doesn't prefer singing about love. Green Day managed to record a nice slow emotional song , moving away from its conceptual scope of reckless riot. And knowing that “¡Uno!” is the first album in the upcoming trilogy, they show a tremendous creative potential.

2. I Was Made for Lovin’ You by Kiss

An ancient song, made in 1979 by the legendary glamour rock band Kiss. It became well-known and cherished by those who don't even listen to rock. Because of this song having become a soundtrack of at least hundred films, it became quirky and cheesy, but in a good way. If you want to impress your girlfriend, you might as well dress as the front man of the band and make a special show. Trust me, she won't forget it!

3. Sweet Child O'Mine by Guns'n'Roses

Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that special place
And if I'd stare too long
I'd probably break down and cry.
Another classic hit, created by an American band in 1987 as their third single. It was made to enchant girls and instantly became the best song to confess in love. It is both powerful and cute. Though now it's quite hard to imagine those manly men sing such sweet lyrics.

4. R U Mine? by Arctic Monkeys

It is a relatively new song, performed by Alex Turner. It goes about love confession of a lyrical character, talking to his beloved woman. The lead singer himself refused to tell who inspired him to write such a beautiful and mysterious song, but Arctic Monkeys all the way win when it comes to soft love rock songs.

5. Don't forget me by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Another powerful love rock song that only hints about feelings, but is extremely beautiful and meaningful. The phrase «I'm an ocean in your bedroom» became one of the favorite rockheads' confessions, making them write those sacred words on a Valentine's Day postcard. The lyrical persona of this song misses his allegedly beloved woman and serenades her, comparing love to various sorts of drugs and confessing into being imperfect, but regarding for more.

6. Heart by Pretty Reckless

If you are a girl, why not impress your beloved person with this powerful, emotional and raw rock song about female emotions. Bad thing the song was never officially released. The lyrics are pretty simple, but the message is quite clear.

7. Still loving you by Scorpions

An ultimate hit, a legend that will be heard from every player and stay forever in our hearts. The song won tons of prizes and awards, bombarded charts and won our appreciation forever.