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The Cute Lepers are 100% proof that '77 punk rock/powerpop in the vein of Generation X, Buzzcocks, and The Boys is timeless in both sound and spirit.

Since their arrival on the scene in 2007, they've toured the US and Europe extensively, released two critically acclaimed LP's (�Can't Stand Modern Music� & �Smart Accessories�), as well as numerous limited 7� singles, most of which have been on trademark coloured vinyl!

With their Motown - esque girl pop harmonies and dance moves, flipped fingers to what's supposedly hip and happening, and love of the Rolling Stones, they have distilled their influences to create something exceptionally fresh, rude and absolutely worthy of damaging your ears. The new album Adventure Time is due for an April 5th release, and is a continuation of where they left off: striving for a killer pop song while keeping both feet ankle deep in the dirt of first wave punk.

The band is: confused by Steve E. Nix- vocals, guitar

totally underrated according to Brian Yeager- guitar, vocals

in perpetual awe of Kicks- bass, vocals

like a very nice hot bath to Josh Blisters- Drums, vocals

terrified of Prisila Ray- tambourine, vocals, moves

"becoming more like Slade, cool!" Duffy- tambourine, vocals, moves

 Three LP's in, the Cute Lepers continue to enjoy playing shows around the world, meeting new cool people and hanging out with old friends. As well as bonafide heroes of ours that we get to talk about guitars and various stupid to absurd topics with... and then watch them tear it up on stage. Actually, I think we're in it for the gigs with the Adicts and The Boys and the Swinging Utters and the UK Subs and the Buzzcocks when you get down to it. Really really love punk rock, want to contribute, and want to be where the action is! --Steve E. Nix


"... the Lepers are cooking with crack. The spiky, power-pop bounce recalls a polished Fastbacks or Modern Lovers huffing the Vapors off Descendents. There's hardly a missed stop from the opening blast..."

Chris Parker, Alternative Press


"The Cute Lepers remind listeners how much variety there used to be in punk's early days by rolling that era's range of influences into one record."

-Emily Becker, Venus Zine


"It's always a good sign when you find yourself reaching to turn up the stereo song after song, and by the end of this I think people three cities down could hear this blasting from my car's stereo speakers."

Jimmy Alvarado, Razorcake

"The debut album from this Seattle band led by ex-Briefs guitarist Steve E. Nix is an energetic set of punkish power-pop rooted in the more melodic bands of Britain's '70s punk movement (the Buzzcocks, Undertones, Vibrators, Generation X). In other words, they're similar to the music of Nix's former band, but with a bit less punk attitude and more unabashedly pop in approach, putting them closer to the sound of Portland's late great Exploding Hearts (though not as deliberately lo-fi)."

Don Yates, KEXP


"This album is a collection of cheery, choral anthems that for me, recapture that anti-hero spirit of the late '70s punk scene. If The Cute Lepers lead singer, Steve E. Nix, had an English accent, I could very well be listening to Stiff Little Fingers or Sham 69. The consistent melodic guitar leads in the song "Terminal Boredom" conjures up an image of Doc Martens and the working class...totally contrary to the striped shirt wearing peglegged kids that cross my mind when I hear the phrase 'power pop.'"

Astra, Easy Street Records "Locals Only" blog







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