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4/21/10 Updated: European tour dates. See it on the MAP .

Coming Soon: West Coast US dates with The Swinging Utters!

4/13/10 We're playing first tonight at Chop Suey - be there by 9 pm!

1234 Go! needed to press more of our first record and they pressed glow in the dark LPs! They are available from us here: MERCH

Punk Rock Bowling! We're playing at the Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival in Las Vegas. The dates for Punk Rock Bowling are May 6-9. We are playing on Sunday, May 9th with Me First and The Gimme Gimmes and Saint Alvia.

This is huge with tons of bands, bowling, booze, and gambling!


Our West Coast tour starts today! See you there. See you in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, and San Jose.

The archived KEXP show is available here:

Just added - we will be playing on KEXP on 2/20. You can stream this from anywhere in the world. 8 PM KEXP.org

We had several people at our shows last weekend tell us they couldn't find our record at their favorite record store. Our new record is distributed by Revolver and No Idea. If you can't find it at your favorite record store, then ask them to order it!!!! (Or order from us online, but it would be cool if they ordered copies, right?)

Come to our record release show tonight! Here are some previews:

The Stranger
Three Imaginary Girls

1-2-3-4 Go! Records has donated a Smart Accessories test pressing to a benefit for Haiti. Awesome! You can bid on it here:
Limited Pressing Cute Lepers Test Pressing auction

Hey! KEXP in Seattle has been playing a bunch of tracks off of our new record. We'd love it if you would send them a request by email to [email protected]. You can listen to it on the radio if you live nearby or stream it on http://www.kexp.org!

We have a crapload of shows coming up, including two benefits. The first benefit show is on 1/31 for Haiti Relief and Development. The second is on 3/6 for a local non-profit called People's Harm Reduction Alliance.

It has been brought to our attention that the digital downloads available on iTunes, Amazon, etc cut off a bit at the end. We're seeing if we can fix this for future purchases. If you bought the files send a proof of purchase (iTunes Purchased section screenshot, receipt, or whatever) and we can rectify this for you. Bands -We do NOT recommend using CDBaby for your digital distribution. Update - The updated and fixed files are up everywhere! If you still need a good copy let us know.

It has been brought to our attention that the digital downloads available on iTunes, Amazon, etc cut off a bit at the end. We're seeing if we can fix this for future purchases. If you bought the files send a proof of purchase (iTunes Purchased section screenshot, receipt, or whatever) and we can rectify this for you.

----------------------------------------------------- 1/8/10
We are taking questions! Do you have a burning question that you would like to ask us? Need relationship advice? Do you want to know the best dog groomer in your town? Ask The Cute Lepers! No question is off limits - as well as the answers. We will also take questions directed towards specific current band members.

These questions are being posted in the Ask The Lepers section of the website.

Send your questions here:
[email protected]

----------------------------------------------------- 1/03/10
Press, bloggers, and anyone else who needs images - there are newish high rez and web rez photos available on the press page. There is also a high rez image of the cover for Smart Accessories. Thanks!


----------------------------------------------------- 1/02/10
Hey Seattle locals!

We've dropped off our new single, You Don't Have To Belong To The Religious Right, at some of the independent record stores around town. We've also replenished the stores with other older releases. If you want to pick these up check at Georgetown Records, Sonic Boom, or Singles Going Steady.

See you at one of the record release shows:
Jan 16 at The Morgue in Georgetown (All Ages) with The Hollowpoints and Dreadful Children
Jan 29th at The Funhouse with The Tranzmitors and Jaguar Paw

----------------------------------------------------- 12/18/09
SHOWS! We've added a few Seattle shows and a short (but sweet) west coast tour. Loooooook!

----------------------------------------------------- 11/28/09
We've added a short presale (it is out in about a week) of our new 7" single "You Don't Have To Belong To The Religious Right" from 1-2-3-4 Go! Records to the merch store. We have (well, ok, we are working on it...feverishly) a gospel-like tract that goes along with the single starring Russell, the "So Screwed Up"/"Cool City" single coverboy.

"Old men in dumb robes who
spread nonsense to control you
You don't have to belong to the religious right"

A Blackheart Christmas is now available to pre-order on vinyl (and available now on CD and MP3) from Blackheart Records! This includes tracks by us as well as Girl In A Coma, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Thommy Price featuring Nefertiti Bones, Kenny Laguna, The Dollyrots, and The Vacancies. We cover Billy Squier's "Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You" and contribute an original called "All I Ever Wanted (Under The Christmas Tree)".

ANNNND - the new record is now coming out in January on 1-2-3-4 Go! Records instead of December. Sorry about any confusion that this causes.

----------------------------------------------------- 10/25/2009
SMART ACCESSORIES PRE-SALES - New record to be released in December!
Well, everyone has a little pre-sale package thing going on with our upcoming record so we thought we would have one too! We are whipping up a special package of a record or cd plus a cool enamel badge (button) and a Chick cartoon style pamphlet. The badge and pamphlet will only be available from the band - while supplies last! We'll get that deal up in the merch section of the website very soon. And of course, we'll just have plain old records and cds for you if you would rather go that route as well.

----------------------------------------------------- 10/24/2009
About that show at The Comet today...
We will be playing 92% of the new record at The Comet Tavern in Seattle. Come on out and be the first to hear our new songs live! Most of them have never been played in public before. See ya there.

----------------------------------------------------- Continued at top


Today we play at Seattle Weekly's REVERB (festival). We are on at 9 PM at the Salmon Bay Eagles Club. You can see the line up here: Seattle Weekly's REVERB

BYO Records recently put out a 25th anniversary documentary, coffee table book, and double cd called Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records. The movie is great, the cds amazing, and the book is super freakin' cool! For the cds, artists were asked to cover a song from the BYO back catalog. We performed "Future Dreams" by Upright Citizens.

We recently received an e-mail from Anton from Upright Citizens about the song:


heard the other day that there should be a cover of "Future Dreams" around, by the Cute Lepers, a band I did know before ;-)

I just checked it out at LastFM and I'm positivly suprised that you made a real smasher out of of a good song.

Absolutely well done !!

singer with the Upright Citizens (R.I.P)

Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/15/2009
Yesterday we completed mixing our new record, tenatively titled "Smart Accessories". It should be out in December on 1-2-3-4 Go! Records (US) and Damaged Goods (UK and Europe)!

----------------------------------------------------- 8/17/2009
We are still completely exhausted from the UK tour. The Rebellion festival was loads of fun and we got to see many of our favorite bands as well as play! Thanks to everyone who said hi and hung out.

At the end of the month we're going into the studio for work on our second album, which will be out shortly after. Its about time, isn't it?
----------------------------------------------------- 7/28/2009
SEE YOU IN THE UK! We are leaving on the 30th and are playing in Derby, Sheffield, Ipswitch, London, and Blackpool. COME UP AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF!

We just added another Seattle show. We will be supporting The Spits for their record release on August 27th at Chop Suey.
----------------------------------------------------- 7/23/2009
7-26-09 @ rock o' clock!
The show is at the Bit Saloon in Ballard with The Girls and The Unemployables. We hope to see you there!

We have an ALL AGES show at the Seattle Art Museum on 7/2/2009 with our drummer Rob's band The Femurs - see the
tour page for more details. Also, check out The Femurs website.

Just in! We now have Berlin Girls 7" singles from Damaged Goods Records in our mercharea.

---------------------------------------------------- 5/19/2009
There is a show planned at the end of June - see the tour page for details!

We also have new 7" singles in from Drunk'N'Roll Records. They are available in our merch area.
We have hours and hours of video from over the last year of playing and touring. We're going through them and creating video journals for YouTube. You can see the first several at the Cute Lepers YouTube Channel

----------------------------------------------------- 5/12/2009
We've been pretty quiet here on the news front. We would like to extend a very big thanks to all the people who helped out with Travis' memorial and benefit shows. It means a lot to so many people, including us.

That's all for now. Thanks again.


Travis Criscola, rest in peace

Early the morning of March 28, in Cincinnati our friend and band-mate Travis Criscola passed away in his sleep. He was 24. Travis was guitarist in the Cute Lepers for the last six months and was the perfect addition to the band as it's developed. He was our friend. His company was always a pleasure. I don't think I ever heard him say a negative word about any one. He was smart, polite and considerate, always interested in learning more about music and playing guitar... he really loved music. He was passionate about music in a way that only other like-minded musicians recognize and relate with. When Travis joined the band he would not think twice about jumping on the bus from Olympia and making the two hour ride to Seattle for a spur of the moment rehearsal, and then riding the bus two more hours to get back home. In fact Travis was doing this three times a week up until we left for Europe to start our tour. His character and his commitment made him the very best we could hope for in a band-mate and a friend. We're gonna really miss him. We feel that it's appropriate and absolutely not in bad taste to disclose the cause of death of our friend. Travis combined alcohol and pills, then went to sleep and never woke up. It was an accident. Travis was not any kind of a habitual drug user. I'm a man who has left drugs and alcohol alone for over a decade and I just wont work with people who are mixed up with narcotics. It is rare to find a rock n' roll musician in his early twenties who doesn't get caught up in hitting the bars and going to parties on tour, and Trav was just one of those ones who made a really bad decision. He naively took some type of pills on top of the beer he was drinking and that's it. I believe that it would be a disservice for us to leave out this information. People would wind up hearing distorted versions of the truth anyways. Also our hope is that other young musicians, or anyone it may apply to who reads this will learn from our tragedy and perhaps wise up a bit. We're currently traveling across the country back home to Seattle with heavy hearts. Trav's family and his beautiful longtime girlfriend are in our prayers. �Steve

In light of this tragedy, the duration of the tour has been canceled.

The Cute Lepers are heading out on tour to Europe and around the US! Updated dates are posted here: TOUR DATES! There are lots of exciting shows with The UK Subs, The Buzzcocks, and The Queers! Also, COMING SOON, West Coast dates with Eddie and the Hot Rods!

The Cute Lepers were named the Winner in the Best Punk Album category for their release �Can't Stand Modern Music� in the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards!

The Cute Lepers' "Terminal Boredom" ran as MP3 of the Day on AOL's Spinner.com!

The Cute Lepers' "Terminal Boredom" is featured on livedaily.com

Check out the review of The Cute Lepers "Can't Stand Modern Music" from Venus Magazine!


NIPPLE ERECTORS join Lepers� record release at London�s 100 Club, May 6th!

Yep, the rumors are true. The NIPPLE ERECTORS featuring Shane MacGowan and Shanne Bradley will be performing at The Cute Lepers record release show May 6 at the 100 Club in London. Get there early, as they are slated to play at 8:30. Gab Gab Gab Gabrielle!!!! We'll be pissing ourselves to hear the hits! Johnny Moped will be crooning following the Nips, and one of our absolute favorite bootleggers, Paul North will be DJing throughout the night and telling anyone who cares to know about how much he got for his South African Sex Pistols 7". If you see Ian Damaged at the show, please tell him how much you like our record so that he will run more ads! This show is truly gonna be a blast. --Steve e.


Come on out this Saturday to the HIGH DIVE 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! It is a FREE show with a SPECIAL SECRET BAND (that actually rocks)/ Heavy Hearts/The Cute Lepers/Holy Name Dropouts

We just shot a freakin' insane video with Mike McCarthy, of Guerrilla Monster. Check back soon for more details.


Steve has a spastic interview in Distorted Magazine! The April issue is online here: Distorted Magazine

The Cute Lepers Sign with Blackheart Records!


2008 US WINTER TOUR w� THE HORRORPOPS and PINK SPIDERS! Check out the tour dates!