7/29/11Our Richmond, VA date is now at the Hospital.
We have a new video! You can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79-8YaDG-WA

7/15/11UPDATE - After sending them out to venues and record stores we have run out of posters! If you had already contacted us about postering we will honor your guest list spot but can't send any. You can download and print some from HERE
We need help postering for our upcoming US tour! If you help us poster you get a spot on the guestlist for the show. If you in a band that is playing with us, please send us your address and we will get posters to you. Check if we're playing your town (on the right) and send us a message if you want to do this!

cutelepers @ gmail.com

Our promotion partner https://five.media/ - grow your business

6/10/11Tonight we play at The Funhouse in Seattle! Tomorrow we are on KEXP (streams at kexp.org) at 10 pm Pacific Time.
We have lots of new vinyl and t-shirts up in our merch store!

4/30/11 We're in Europe! Tour dates are up to date!

The US tour is shaping up with, updated shows have been added and dates are filling up fast (scroll down below the Europe dates).

If you want to hear our record on the radio send in your requests! Lots of stations have been sent our cd. KEXP in Seattle has been playing us, (KEXP Charts) - send a request to [email protected]

4/20/11 Thanks to all who came out to our shows along the west coast. No thanks to the show promoters who didn't! The Re-Volts were great and so much fun to watch every night, don't ya think?

We've added a few of the US tour dates for August and September. More will be added as we confirm them! We're touring with Something Fierce, it should be a wild time!

3/12/11 We have updated European tour dates LOOK! =>

3/4/11 Our April west coast tour is fully booked. We're playing Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Sacramento!

2/19/11 Today at our show at The Comet we are playing our new record live start to finish!

2/18/11 Amp Magazine has one of our new songs available for streaming or download today http://www.ampmagazine.com/

Open CSGO cases https://bloodycase.com/ and surprise your friends with a new skin

This is a growing project but pretty interesting (if you are a music nerd like us). It shows connections between Seattle bands . It is a work in progress, add to it if you find a connection or a missing band! http://www.seattlebandmap.com

2/17/11 A little show preview for Saturday at The Comet and Classic Rockin' talkin': The Seattle Weekly - Through @ 2

2/13/11 New West Coast and Europe tour dates posted! We are busy busy bees.

1/16/11 Tours! West Coast Tour! We'll be heading down the west coast April 13-17 for record release shows. There will be an update soon with more details.

After that we head over to Europe for 5 weeks, then back to the USA for some R&R, then out for a full US tour in the summer.

Releases!  Our new full length will be out sometime this spring on 1-2-3-4 Go! Records (US) and Damaged Goods Records  (UK). In the meantime we will release a small number of cassettes with demos from all three albums plus a bonus cover song. Keep an eye out for it!

11/11/10 New show added for December, we're headling the Croc! Please come out and catch all the bands and maybe even be in the movie!

Hey, did I ever tell you that I am in the crowd in a club scene in the "Kurt and Courtney" documentary? So now you know. (Duffy)

Now you can too!

9/15/10 We're playing at Showbox at the Market tomorrow, opening for Screeching Weasel. Set time is 9:15, see you there!

9/13/10 XL and XXL shirts are back in stock in our merch store!

8/17/10 1-2-3-4 Go! has a bunch of our vinyl on sale for very good prices! Go clean him out! Take me to 1-2-3-4 Go!

In other news, Steve is working hard on new songs for another record and singles. We may put up a demo soon for you to check out!

7/8/10 We are heading out on tour with The Swinging Utters soon! We hope to see you there. We have new shirts and lots of nice colored vinyl for ya!

6/12/10 New crap* is up in our online store! We flew it back from Europe...boy are our arms tired!

*crap as in cool vinyl, t-shirts, buttons, and bags!



tour dates

October 27, 2011/ Seattle,WA @ The Showbox at the Market with The Damned

October 29, 2011/ San Francisco @ Slims with The Damned

October 30, 2011/ Los Angeles, CA @ The House of Blues with The Damned and Manic Hispanic

October 31, 2011/ Anaheim, CA @ The House of Blues with The Damned


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